Auschwitz: a history lesson for future responsibility

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Paweł Sawicki
Paweł Sawicki
Auschwitz Memorial

Evento: Web Marketing Festival 2019
Data: Sabato 22 Giugno 2019

In questo corso When we study the history of Auschwitz we dedicate much time to learn all historical facts. This is very important, but this is not enough. We also need to try to understand why such even was humanly possible and what was the nature of hatred that was the foundation of this tragedy. But this is still not enough. Then we need to look in the mirror of history and ask ourselves a very important question: I know the facts, I know why it happened in the past but what is the meaning of this history to myself. The historical lesson of Auschwitz should be a lesson our our contemporary responsibility for the world we live in. The presentation will discuss different dimensions of the symbol of Auschwitz in the contemporary world, ask questions about our today’s responsibility of the world as bystanders but also show the ethical challenges of the Memorial in the world today where authenticity of the site and its history needs to be transformed to have value in the virtual world of Internet and social media.

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